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Prevalence of FGM in Africa and Yemen (women aged 15 - 49)

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Title: Two Decades of Data Collection on Female Genital Cutting: What Has Changed?

Author:  Population Reference Bureau

Date: 2011

Source: Population Reference Bureau

Description: "Two Decades of Data Collection  on Female Genital Cutting: What Has Changed?" was the topic of the Feb. 7 PRB Discuss Online. For more than 20 years, since the first data collection in Sudan in 1989, the Demographic and Health Survey team at ICF Macro has been tracking the prevalence of female genital cutting (FGC). The FGC module consists of a series of 20 questions, and countries in Africa where FGC is practiced usually use this module in their national surveys. This is the Transcript of the discussion led by P. Stanley Yoder, social anthropologist and senior research specialist at ICF Macro.


Title: FGM An Insult On The Dignity Of Women

Author:   Celestine, Okumephuna Chinwe

Date: 2003

Source: FGC Education and Networking Project

Description:  Testimonial about first encounter with FGM


Title: Female Genital Cutting Module

Author: DHS: Demographic and Health Survey

Date: 2009

Source: DHS: Demographic and Health Survey

Description: Separate DHS questionnaires for males and females regarding FGM



Title: FGM Study: September 2009


Date: 2009


Description: The study is being conducted to increase our knowledge about women and girls affected by female genital mutilation (FGM) in England and also to find out more about knowledge and training needs of key health professionals around FGM. It is anticipated that the study will serve as a benchmark and will be repeated annually to provide accurate data on trends.